*We ask that you please read and review our clinic policies to prevent any misunderstandings.  Please contact us anytime should you have any questions.  Thank you.

Medical Emergencies

  • We will do our best to treat your concern/condition, if deemed urgent – you will be referred to the nearest Emergency Department.

Documentation Requirements

  • On your first visit to FCO – Foot Clinic & Orthotics for any new service – it is required that you fill out an intake form.
  • Please note payment is expected in full when service/product is rendered. The services provided are not covered by OHIP, but may be covered by your extended health insurance provider.

No-Show Policy and Lateness Policy

  • In order to provide efficient services to all patients, FCO – Foot Clinic & Orthotics enforces a fee for any missed appointments (fee is variable depending on appointment type $30+). This ensures that we can provide quality, timely services to all patients as efficiently as possible. If it is your first time utilizing a service, please arrive early to fill out any necessary forms.
  • We require 24-hour noticefor all cancelled or re-scheduled appointments to avoid incurring a no-show fee.
  • If you book an appointment within the 24-hour time frame, the policy is in effect immediately.
  • Due to the high volume of demand, late comers may have to wait until the practitioner has time to see them between the patients booked after their appointment time.
  • Please note any fees cannot be waived by any of the staff members, including the front desk. Patients are to email the management should any questions of concerns arise.

Visit Length

  • The Length of each health service can range from 10 minutes to 30 minutes, or you may ask your practitioner for any further details in regards to visit length.
  • If patients have several concerns, please inform the receptionist upon booking the appointment, to ensure you have enough time to express your concerns during your visit.
  • Initial visits with Custom Made Orthotics interest require a longer visit. When booking this appointment please let the receptionist know so appropriate time is allocated towards the appointment.

Phone Calls or Email

  • Due to College of Chiropodist of Ontario (COCOO) regulations and privacy concerns, administrative staff are unable to offer any medical advice or management over the phone, fax or via email.Patients are advised to book an appointment or have administrative staff inform the practitioner to call them back at their earliest convenience.
  • Communication with administrative staff about your health or investigations is also against provincial privacy regulationsand you will be instructed to communicate all medical concerns with your health provider at your appointment. Our staff will be happy to help with all other concerns.


Prescription Refills

We are unable to offer phone repeats on any prescriptions due to privacy and confidentiality reasons.  Any prescription refills will need to be approved by the ordering practitioner prior to being re-issued.



Third Party Insured Services and Uninsured Medical Services

  • Noservices are insured by OHIP.Services may be covered by your employer’s extended health insurance plans or other 3rdparty insurance plans.  All charges for uninsured services must be settled at point of service.
  • It is the patient’s responsibility to confirm his/her coverage by their insurance provider prior to any visit/procedure. It is not the clinic’s responsibility to cover any expenses in excess to the fees that are covered by the patient’s insurance.
  • We provide direct billing to limited insurance companies. Please inquire with the administration staff to see if your insurance company is eligible for direct billing.  However, appropriate information and receipts will be provided so that you may submit your claim for reimbursement from your insurance provider.

Age requirements

  • We do not have any age restrictions at our clinic.

Product Return Policy

  • We regret to inform you that our clinic does not offer any refunds for any Custom Made Orthotics, Compression Stockings, Custom Braces, Etc.
  • Product returns have 30 days, and must be returned unopened and unused.